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HennyTheMovie is a site about a feature documentary film "Henny and Hannover ". The film will tell the story of Henny Rosenbaum Markiewicz Simon (1925-2017), a Colchester Jewish Holocaust survivor, Hartford WWII veteran Ben Cooper (1921 —), and their efforts to share their experiences with the general public and students. The film will explore themes of memory, resilience, and speaking out against hate.

The film began production in 2021 and work will continue throughout 2022. It is a feature-length film which will be screened on TV and in theaters. It will also be available for use in schools.

Production will include filming in the United States, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Israel.

This film is supported by a grant from

The Connecticut Humanities Council

and private funding.

Please indicate "for Henny the Movie" in the


 box on the Garde Arts donation form

"  Henny was a friend and an inspiration. I want this film to honor her memory and tell her story. It's a story very relevant to today's world and to our future. "  
                                      — Jerry Fischer,  Co-Director / Producer


Site Launched 1/3/22

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